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 Our security consultants are skilled at analyzing your current status to discover gaps, exploitable vulnerabilities, and opportunities for improvement. H.P.S. concrete recommendations for risk aversion actions will also ensure the long-term safety of your organization.

 Our detailed recommendations for accepting, reducing (mitigate) or transferring risk will also ensure the long-term profitability of your organization. Our goals are to identify the security risks and vulnerabilities that can have a severe impact on your corporation (Black Swan Event) and to ensure regulatory and/or standards compliance.


Assisting your organization in awareness to mitigate security concerns.


A threat assessment is used to discern the risks faced by an individual and to make practical recommendations toward protecting that person or organization.  In order to accurately assess the level of risk faced by someone and to make fact-based recommendations to reduce that risk, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth protective analysis of such areas as the office, home, transportation practices, activities and other areas of vulnerabilities. 

We take the time and patience to evaluate your unique needs.  We then work with you to implement your unique setup, providing tailored measures from our experienced, expertly trained, and professional team.

Let us guide you to a path of an effective security solution.

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